Manage Default Values

If you click on the Advanced Settings button in the Advanced Settings overview page and select the DEFAULT VALUES tab, the Manage Default Values page is displayed:

All the available functions in the table are described here: Understand the available functions in the tables.

Manage Default Values page

The list of Default Values of the Generator Properties and Custom Properties is displayed with the following information for each Property:

  • Modified: icon to indicate if the User changed the Default Value:
    • : the Default Value set by the Generator is still used
    • : a new Default Value was established by the User
  • Name: Name of the Property (Generator property or Custom Property)
  • Model Object Type: Model Object type where the Property value can be set
  • Default Value: Default Value of the Property
  • Description: Description of the Property

If you fly over a cut-out description, it appears ultimately:

For each Property, you can: