Wizard step - Create Relations with Role

The steps to create a Model Object with the wizard vary based on the Source and Target Model Object types. This article outlines a possible wizard step.

Create Relations with Role

In this wizard step, you define the following attributes for the Relationships: Role name, Historization Type, and Missing BK Behavior.

It has 3 input values:

  • Role: By default, the Role name corresponds to the Model Object name associated with the Relationship. However, you have the option to modify it during this wizard step. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with multiple Relationships to the same Model Object.
  • Historization Type: you can set the Historization Type of the relationship.
  • Missing BK Behavior: you can set the Missing BK Behavior of the relationship.

Example of an Entity created from a Stage with the wizard, where we establish 3 Relations to the Model Object Date_Day

  • Update the Role names if desired
  • Adjust the Historization Type for each Relationship as needed
  • Update the Missing BK Behavior of each Relationship
  • Click on the CREATE RELATIONSHIPS button