Use a Demo Project provided by biGENIUS

You may want to explore the biGENIUS-X features without configuring any Git repository.

This article describes how you can create a temporary project from an existing Demo project without any Git repository and connections to configure.

The temporary Demo project is stored in your browser session.

It will disappear if you clear the browser cache.

If you wish to keep it, use a Project example provided by biGENIUS instead.

Use a Demo Project

Check out the list of available Demo projects in our public GitHub Repository:

For example:

The following Project examples are available:

  • datavault-mssql: Project example using the Generator Microsoft SQL Server Data Vault.
  • datavault-mart-mssql: Project example using the Generator Microsoft SQL Server Vault & Mart.

To create a Demo project from one of these project examples:

  • Create a Project
    • Repository Location: select Demo
      • Depending on the Generator Configurations included in your license plan, the list of Implementation Package Configuration can changeImplementation Package Configuration: select the configuration you are interested of

After creating a feature branch, you can start working with your Demo project:

Demonstration video