Upgrade the Generator version

If you need more details, please refer to our FAQs section for Projects:

Upgrade the Generator Version of your Project

To upgrade the Generator Configuration Version, there are two possibilities:

  1. Mandatory upgrade: if a new mandatory version is available, please upgrade when you start modeling a concerned Branch. See Start modeling in a Branch.
  2. Optional upgrade: if a new optional version is available, click on the Project Settings menu on the Navigation Bar:

The Project Settings side panel window is opened:

If you are not using the last version of the Generator Configuration, a button UPDATE to invites you to upgrade your Generator version to the Version following the current one.

Click on the UPDATE to button.

A confirmation pop-up is opened:

Click on the UPDATE button.

A notification confirms the correct update:

Your Project Generator Version is now up-to-date:

If your current generator version is not the previous one of the latest available, you should do the update process for each of the missed Versions.

This possibility to change the version of a Generator in 1 click is temporary.
Each version change may involve changes in Generator Configuration incompatible with your current Modeling/values in Properties...
Shortly, a wizard will allow you to detect the changes in the Generator Configuration, list the problems to resolve, and then migrate to the other version.

Demonstration video