Understand warnings and errors

Checked Business Rules

biGENIUS-X includes built-in Business Rules that are validated after a change is made to Model Object.

The currently verified Business Rules are:

Notifications for Rules warnings and errors

When a Model Object fails to comply with a Business Rule, an icon will appear on its card after the modification.

  • Warning icon: if the Business Rule should be respected but doesn't interfere with the generation process, a warning icon is shown.
  • Error icon: If the Business Rule should be followed, an error icon is shown. You can't generate the code until the error is resolved.

When you hover over the notification, details will appear, such as:

The Warning notification system is tied to the browser session.

If you refresh a page with the browser or delete the browser history, the notifications will no longer be displayed.

Warning notifications appear wherever the Model Object card is displayed:

Demonstration video