Understand the Discovery YAML file content

Each Metadata Repository contains a discoveries folder (See Understand the Project Metadata Repository content).

In this folder, there is one subfolder for each Source System.

In each Source System folder, the corresponding Discovery YAML files are stored.

Each file contains all the metadata for a Discovery.

Discovery file details

After the discovery is created, the file should look like the following:

id: 6adc0785-993a-4e39-9984-4bd1fd3f2351
name: mssql_adw_production_output.json
timestamp: 'XXXX-05-22T09:38:24.9555608+00:00'
  type: Microsoft SQL Server
  - name: Product
    fullyQualifiedName: AdventureWorks2017.Production.Product
    objectType: {}
      - name: ProductID
          name: INTEGER
          isNullable: false
          name: int
        isIdentity: false
        isBusinessKey: true
        isForeignKey: false
      - name: Name
          name: NVARCHAR
          length: 50
          isNullable: false
          name: NVARCHAR
          length: 50
        isIdentity: false
        isBusinessKey: false
        isForeignKey: false

The Source data type is the data type from the Source technology used.

The Target data type is the data type depending on the Target technology of the Generator.

The Generator Configuration sets the mapping between a Source data type ("INTEGER" in this example) and a Target data type ("int" in this example).

The different nodes contain:

 Node name  Node description  Node value example
 id  Discovery's internal ID   (GUID format) 6adc0785-993a-4e39-9984-4bd1fd3f2351
 name  Name of the file used to   create the Discovery  mssql_adw_production_output.json
 timestamp  Date and Time of the   Discovery creation  This is the project used to document   Data Vault modeling.
 sourceSystem >   type  Source Technology of the   Source System  Microsoft SQL Server
 sourceObjects  List of objects in the   Discovery -
 sourceObjects >   name  Name of an Object in the   Discovery  Product
 sourceObjects >   fullyQualifiedName  Complete name of an   Object in the Discovery. For   a database,   databaseName.schemaName.tbaleName.

 AdventureWorks2017.Production.Produc t

 sourceObjects >   terms  List of terms in the Object -
 sourceObjects >   terms > name Name of a Term ProductID
 sourceObjects >   terms >   sourceDataType Description of the Source data type for the Term -
 sourceObjects >   terms >   sourceDataType >   name Name of the Source data type INTEGER
 sourceObjects >   terms >   sourceDataType >   length Length of the Source data type (if relevant) -
 sourceObjects >   terms >   sourceDataType >   isNullable Property is nullable for the Source data type false
 sourceObjects >   terms > dataType Description of the Target data type for the Term -
  sourceObjects >   terms > dataType   > name Name of the Target data type int
 sourceObjects >   terms > dataType   > length Length of the Target data type (if relevant) -
 sourceObjects >   terms > isIdentity True if the Term is an identity false
 sourceObjects >   terms >   isBusinessKey True if the Term is a Business Key. This will be true if the Source Term is a primary key.  true
 sourceObjects >   terms >   isForeignKey

 True if the Term is a foreign   key