Understand the Discovery process

As described in the article Understand what biGENIUS-X is made of, it is necessary to discover the source metadata before you begin modeling in biGENIUS-X. 

Source metadata

The source metadata is essential information about the data's origin and structure.

This includes details like data types, data sources, and data formats.

Uploading source metadata into biGENIUS-X is necessary to generate artifacts for extracting source data.


A Discovery is the process of producing a discovery file by connecting to a source system (such as a database or file...).

biGENIUS-X can upload discovery files provided by:

Why the Discovery is not integrated in biGENIUS-X

To initiate the Discovery process, a direct connection with your Source system is required.

At biGENIUS-X, we take the security of your data very seriously. When you upload a discovery file, we only gain access to the data's structure, not the data itself. This ensures that your source data remains secure, and you can trust us with your information.

Additionally, as you will be deploying and loading your target solution within your environment, we will never have access to your source data.