Understand Term Mapping overview

From a Model Object in the Modeling overview page, you can access the Term Mapping overview of the Model Object by clicking on a non-source Model Object:

It is made of several areas:

All the available functions in the table are described here: Understand the available functions in the tables.

  1. The Term Mapping overview header
  2. The Term Mapping overview content
  3. The Dataflows and Dataflow Sets overview

First, you should understand the concepts of Dataflow, Dataflow Set, and Dataflow Model Object.


In the Term Mapping overview header, you can:


In the Term Mapping overview content, you can:

The Dataflows and Dataflow Sets overview

The list of existing Dataflow(s) and Dataflow Set(s) is displayed on the left-hand side.

In this overview, you can:

A Warning notification is displayed on the concerned Model Object card if a Business Rule is not respected.

Please take a look at Understand warnings and errors.