Start modeling in a Branch

Start modeling in a Branch

To start modeling in a Branch, access the Branch overview page of a Project:

Hover over a Local Branch: the button Start Modeling appears:

Click on the Start Modeling button.

Depending on your Project content:

  • If your Project doesn't contain any Source System (Discovery or Linked Project), the Source Systems overview will be displayed
  • If your Project contains at least one Source System (Discovery or Linked project), the Dataflow Modeling overview will be displayed

If your project is configured with an obsolete version of the Generator Configuration, a pop-up will invite you to do the upgrade immediately:

You can only continue to model in your Branch if you do the mandatory update.

The pop-up displays the change log of all the versions between your current version and the last available one.


The ability to switch the version of a Generator with a single click is only temporary. Each version change might involve alterations in the Generator Configuration, which could conflict with your existing modeling or property values.

Soon, a wizard will be introduced to facilitate the detection of changes in the Generator Configuration. It will list any problems that need resolution and guide you through the migration process to the new version.

Demonstration video