Show Data Lineage

The Data Lineage diagram of a Model Object shows all the dependencies of a Model Object with other Model Objects using both top-down and bottom-up (upstream and downstream)  approaches:

  • Predecessor Model Objects: You can see all the upstream Model Objects (related to the Model Object with or without a Mapping). They represent the entities that influence or feed into the current Model Object.
  • Successor Model Objects: You can see all the downstream Model Objects (linked to the Model Object with or without a Mapping). They signify the entities that are influenced by or dependent on the current Model Object.

Show Data Lineage

To display the Data Lineage of a Model Object, access the Dataflow Modeling Overview page:

Click on the Context menu for a Model Object and select the Show Data Lineage menu:

The Data Lineage is displayed at the bottom:

A Warning notification appears on the respective Model Object card if a Business Rule is not respected.

For further details, please refer to Understand warnings and errors.


Here, you can:

  • Hover over the information icon to reveal the legend explaining the meaning of the lines:
  • Move a Data Lineage element with a Drag and Drop:
  • Display the action menu for each Model Object. It is the same as in the Dataflow Modeling overview.
  • Center the Data Lineage diagram (if you moved the canvas itself):
  • Add all the Model Objects displayed in the Data Lineage diagram to the Dataflow Modeling View:
  • Maximize / Minimize the Data Lineage diagram view:

  • Close the Data Lineage diagram:

Demonstration video