Manage Default Terms

If you click on the Advanced Settings button in the Advanced Settings overview page and select the DEFAULT TERMS tab, the Manage Default Terms page is displayed:


All the available functions in the table are described here: Understand the available functions in the tables.

Manage Default Terms page

The list of Default Terms from the Generator Configuration is displayed with the following information for each Default Term:

  • Modified: Icon to indicate if the User changed the Default Term:
    • : The Default Term set by the Generator is still used
    • : The Default Term was modified by the User
  • Name: Name of the Default Term
  • Description: Description of the Default Term
  • Name Convention: Default Term's Naming Convention as, for example:
  • DataType:  Default Term's data type
  • Length: Default Term's maximum length
  • Precision: Default Term's precision
  • Scale: Default Term's scale

For each Default Term, you can: