Manage Custom Default Terms

If you click on the Advanced Settings button in the Advanced Settings overview page and select the CUSTOM DEFAULT TERMS tab, the Manage Custom default Terms page is displayed:

All the available functions in the table are described here: Understand the available functions in the tables.

Manage Custom Default Terms page

The list of Custom Default Terms is displayed with the following information for each Custom Default Term:

  • Name: Custom Default Term name
  • Name convention: naming convention for the Custom Default term
  • Parts per Model Object Type:
    • Model Object Type where the Custom Property value can be set
    • Parts for which the Custom Default Term will be applied
  • DataType:  Default Term data type
  • Length: Custom Default Term's maximum length
  • Precision: Custom Default Term's precision
  • Scale: Custom Default Term's scale
  • Description: Custom property description

On this page, you can: