Manage Connections

If you click on the User icon, the Administration menu is displayed.

Here, you can manage the Connections:

Connections page

If you click on the Connections menu, the Connections page is displayed with several areas:

All the available functions in the table are described here: Understand the available functions in the tables.

  1. The Connections header
  2. The Connections content


In the Connections header, you can:


The list of Connections is displayed in the Connections page content with the following information for each Connection:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Connection Type: Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Server, BitBucket, GitHub or GitLab
  • Connection: PAT or GitHub
  • PAT: if the Connection is PAT
  • Projects: Number of Projects using the Connection

For each Connection, you can:

The personal access token or GitHub direct connection is stored in the browser. If you clear the browser history or configure your browser not to keep history, the tokens will be deleted after the browser closes. If so, you need to edit the Connections and configure it again.