Duplicate a Model Object

Duplicate a Model Object

To duplicate a Model Object, access the Dataflow Modeling overview page:

Click on the Context menu for a Model Object and choose the option Duplicate Model Object from the menu:

The Duplicate Model Object side panel window opens:

The following information is copied from the original Model Object:

  • Name: "Copy of <Name of the original Model Object>"
  • Description
  • Properties
  • Terms
  • Term mappings
  • Relationships
  • Dataflows
  • Dataflow sets

You can modify the following information duplicated from the original Model Object:

  1. The Model Object Main Properties: Name and Description
  2. The Model Object Properties: These depend on the Generator Configuration. In this example, 2 Properties are available for a Hub Model Object

Click on the SAVE button.

A notification confirms the succesful update:

Demonstration video