Discover a Snowflake database

Discover a Snowflake database

To discover a Snowflake database with the Discovery Companion, please first prepare the source YAML file with the following:

  • The specifications to access the source system
  • The specifications for the output file


Here is an example:

  • A Snowflake database and schema named TRAINING_DATABASE.AW2017
  • A local output folder for the Discovery JSON file is named outputs.
    The complete path is: 
  type: snowflake
    store_last_usage_extraction_timestamp: false # To disabled to avoid a warning
    match_fully_qualified_names: true # To enabled to precise database.schemas for schema_pattern
    # Coordinates
    account_id: "XXXXXXX"
    warehouse: "TRAINING_WH"
    schema_pattern: {'allow': ['TRAINING_DATABASE.AW2017'], 'deny': [], 'ignoreCase': True}

    # Credentials
    username: "training"
    password: "training"
    role: "sysadmin"
  type: file
    filename: ./outputs/snowflake_discovery_output.json

The output folder in your source YAML file should exist.

You can download this YAML file example here or create a .yaml file with the previous example and then adapt it:

  • The Snowflake account ID (XXXXXXX in the example)
  • The Snowflake Warehouse name (TRAINING_WH in the example)
  • The schema_pattern: database and schema names (TRAINING_DATABASE.AW2017 in the example)
  • The username (training in the example)
  • The password (training in the example)
  • The output path

Then, you can use it in the Discovery Companion.

All possible configurations are described on the DataHub official website.