Create a Project

Before creating a Project, please meet some prerequisites:

Create a project

To create a new Project, click the Add Project button for the desired Solution on the Solutions and Projects overview page.

If you reach the maximum number of Projects allowed by your license plan, you will have the following pop-up and will not be able to create a new Project:

You have two options:

  • Delete an existing project to be able to create a new one
  • Contact your biGENIUS Sales account manager to increase your license plan

The Create new project side panel window is opened:

Enter the following information:
  1. Name: enter the Project's name
    1. A project using a Spark Generator should not have any spaces
  2. Description: enter a description for the Project
  3. Repository Location: there are two options
    1. Remote: if you want to create a new project in a dedicated metadata repository
    2. Demo: if you want to create a Demo project. See Use a Demo Project provided by biGENIUS for more information.
  4. Implementation Package Configuration: select the generator you wish to use for this Project
    1. Depending on the Generator Configurations included in your license plan, the list of Implementation Package Configuration can change
    2. Following is an Example for Generator Configurations concerning Microsoft Fabric only:
  5. Implementation Package Version: specify the version of the generator that you want to use for this Project
  6. Metadata repository: You can enter the HTTPS URL of the repository you prepared before. 
    1. This repository should not contain a project.yml file, model objects, or discoveries folders in its main branch.
    2. It will contain all metadata related to your project
  7. Connect to repository: choose one of the Connections you prepared before.

You need 1 Metadata repository per project. It is not possible to have several projects in the same repository.

    Click the SAVE button:

    • The new Project will appear under its associated Solution.
    • The number of projects within the Solution will be updated.
    • A notification will confirm that the creation was done correctly.
    • The Project's default structure will be created within the metadata repository.

    If you run into any issues, please refer to our FAQs section for Projects:

    Demonstration video