Create a Custom Property

Create a Custom Property

To create a new Custom Property, access the Advanced Settings overview page and select the CUSTOM PROPERTIES tab.

The Manage Custom Properties page is displayed:

Click on the plus icon for the Entity Type you want to create a Custom Property:

The Create New Custom Property side panel window is opened:

Fill in the following information:

  1. Name: Custom Property name
  2. Description (optional): Custom Property's description
  3. Property Group: Custom Property Group
    1. Allow to group the display of Custom Properties where they are displayed
    2. It can have the following values:
    3. By default, it is set to Custom Property
  4. Model Object Type: Custom Property Model Object Type
      1. Not visible if the Entity type is Project
      2. Select the Model Object Type for which the Custom Property will be displayed:
  5. Type: Custom Property Type
    1. Select the Type of the Custom Property in the following list:
    2. Depending on the chosen Type, the following fields can be different
  6. Allowed Values: Custom Property allowed values
    1. Visible only if you select the Type Select or Multi-Select
    2. List of authorized values separated with a comma
  7. Default Value: Custom Property default value
    1. If you select the Type Select or Multi Select, the default value should be chosen in this list:

    2. If you select the Type Boolean, the default value field is a checkbox:

    3. The default value can be empty if you don't want to set one

Click on the SAVE button.

A notification confirms the correct creation:

The new Custom Property can now be set for the Entity Type chosen as follows for Entity Type Model Object and Model Object Type Hub:

  • Custom property entry:
  • Model Object of Type Hub:

Demonstration video