Compare Discoveries

Let us assume you have done a first Discovery and created some Source Model Objects from it.

Now, your Source System has changed, and you have made a second Discovery.

The comparison feature allows you to:

Compare Discoveries

To compare Discoveries, access the Source Systems overview page:

Click on the Context menu for a Discovery that is not currently in use and select the Compare to currently used menu:

The Impact of updating the current source model side panel window opens:

It contains:

  1. The list of Source Model Objects affected by a change in the Discovery
  2. The part of the original Discovery which concerns the selected Source Model Object on the left-hand-side (1).
  3. The part of the new Discovery for the selected Source Model Object
  4. The differences between the 2 Discoveries

For each Source Model Object on the left-hand-side, we can identify the differences in panels 2 and 3:

  • New elements are highlighted in GREEN:
  • Elements that have disappeared are highlighted in RED:

In the previous example, 4 Model Objects are different in the two compared Discoveries:

  • DuplicatedCustomerConsolidation:
    • This Model Object doesn't exist as a Source Model Object:
  • CreditCard:
    • This Model Object exists as a Source Model Object but is not in the new Discovery:
  • SalesOrderDetail:
    • The field CarrierTrackingNumber changed its datatype from NVARCHAR(25) to NVARCHAR(30)
    • The field OrderQty changed its name from OrderQty to OrderQtyUpdated

      • The ID also changed, as it cannot be recognized as the same field
    • As there are 2 different Discoveries, the discovery ID has changed, too:
  • SalesOrderHeader: 
    • The field ShipDate doesn't exist anymore
    • As there are 2 different Discoveries, the discovery ID has changed, too:

You can then update the Source Model Objects according to these changes if you wish.

Demonstration video