Add a Discovery

Add a Discovery

To create a Discovery for a Project, access the Source Systems overview page for a Project Branch:

If your source is a database with multiple schemas, you should create one Source system for each schema.

Then click on the Add Discovery button:

The Import a discovered file side panel window is opened. It is composed of 2 steps: Add Discovery, then Create Source:

Fill in the following information:

  1.  Add to an existing Source System: There are 2 options here, add a new Source System or add the Discovery to an existing Source System.
    1. Add a Discovery in a new Source System:
      Select the entry "- Add new Source System -" in the Source system list:

      Then fill:

      1. Source System Type
      2. Source System Name

      3. Description (optional)

    2. Add a Discovery for an existing Source System:
      Select the Source System in the Source system list:

  2. Discovery Filetype: Select one of the following types:

    1. DataHub: if you are using Discovery files from your usage of DataHub
    2. biGENIUS Discovery: if you are using JSON Discovery files from the biGENIUS-X Discovery Companion
    3. biGENIUS File Format: if you are using YAML Discovery files created manually or with your application.
  3. Select File: select the Discovery File (JSON, YAML, or DataHub) in your local system.

If you do not select a valid file type or a file that is not properly structured, you will receive the following notification:

Then, click on the NEXT button:

If you add an additional Discovery in an existing Source System, the Create Source step will be skipped. You can create Source Model Objects from the new Discovery when the existing Source Model Objects are updated.

  • The Discovery (and Source system if a new one was created) will appear in the Source System list:

    • The Discovery's name is the Date and Time of the Discovery creation
  • A notification confirms the correct creation:

Depending on your license, you may have limitations on the number of Source Systems per Project.

If this is the case, when this limitation is reached, you will see the following message and will not be able to create a new Source system:

Demonstration video